Samia Warsame is the Program Coordinator at Zane Networks and specializes in the planning, developing, and managing of diverse projects, including the ongoing PHIT4DC initiative. She has also contributed her knowledge of food insecurity within the greater Washington DC area to the person-centric use cases project spearheaded by ACF and worked on creating care coordinator workflows to illustrate human service needs.
Outside of work, Samia is currently pursuing her MPH from George Washington University and holds a Bachelor’ of Science in public health from American University. She has been involved in research examining the public health landscape of Washington DC throughout her undergraduate career. Samia’s passion for health, technology, and community well-being also drives her pursuit of a master’s degree in public health, specifically focusing on maternal and child wellness.
Through her work at Zane Networks, Samia seeks to make a tangible difference by applying her knowledge and skills to create sustainable and culturally competent solutions that improve health outcomes for individuals and communities alike.