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Virtual health technology became a heavily relied upon tool to pharmacists everywhere as practices and facilities had to pause in-person visits during the COVID-19 pandemic. This technology not only provides consumers with an efficient way to better connect with healthcare providers, but it also allows pharmacists to manage medication therapy and provide complex patient care services without interruption.

The continued effect these telehealth services have on the healthcare industry has led to a greater development of new digital health services aiming to meet the necessary change in consumer behavior. The increased implementation of telepharmacy has also helped with prescription drug use and the ongoing opioid crisis. The comfort and convenience of a telehealth visit have increased the likelihood of an individual struggling with substances to seek care. Finally, the spread of telepharmacy use has proven to lead to increased renewals and improved adherence to prescribed medications.


Web-based video teleconferencing

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) workflow 

Chronic Care Management (CCM) support  

Built in appointment scheduler

Medication Action Plan

Secure Messaging

FHIR compliant

Patient portal

Patient education materials

Sample Project

Telepharmacy Zane Networks

The SeeUrPharmacist application was developed with Howard University’s School of Pharmacy to provide a telepharmacy solution to support the expansion of remote pharmacy services to serve medically underserved communities in Washington, DC. The SeeUrPharmacist solution facilitates seamless web-based video teleconferencing between two to four parties and provides an online system for scheduling, medication reconciliation and management. Through this system the pharmacists can increase patient access to pharmacy services, support ongoing chronic disease management programs, and expand the patient’s care circle with additional participants to the telepharmacy visit. 

The SeeUrPharmacist solution facilitates seamless web-based video teleconferencing between two to four parties and provides an online system for scheduling, medication reconciliation, and management.

In April 2023, this successful collaboration with Howard University expanded into the U.S. Virgin Islands for the territory’s Digital Research Initiative. Centered on collaborative telehealth research, the pharmacist-led care program was designed to enhance the existing medication management program at the Schneider Regional Medical Center in St. Thomas.

The SeeUrPharmacist application and portal are great tools. They make communication so much easier for patients and staff.

Dr. Gail Nunlee-Bland

Endocrinologist and Director, Howard University Hospital Diabetes Treatment Center

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