Zane Networks is proud to be a sponsor of the 2023 US Virgin Islands Digital Health Summit.

The digital health landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace. This Summit, from the Governor’s Office of Health Information Technology, aims to provide local leaders with the support, expertise, and knowledge to navigate the changing landscape right here in our own setting.

The broad objective of the Digital Health Summit is to engage providers around the best tools and updated federal guidelines and policies to best manage their patients across multiple points of care with a focus light of the unique challenges we face as a small Territory (hurricane zone, frequent power outages, etc). In addition to building on the information shared and the successes achieved at Summit ’22 and in the Territory over the last year, this year’s summit will center around the theme, “Riding the Wave of Transformation.”

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As virtual care becomes more mainstream, SNC Telehealth Solutions strives to minimize the barriers to accessing technology, and clinical expertise, and create impactful solutions. Our marquee offering, SeeMDTM, provides a unique combination of clinical resource expertise whenever the patient needs it. The solution expands the reach of a clinician and care team to continually engage the patient at a time that is convenient for all.

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Our team focuses on providing strategic, high-quality services in many areas including strategic management consulting, health quality improvement, and data analysis, technical assistance, virtual/digital health solutions, as well as software and application development. We leverage our deep clinical, technical, and management expertise to help transform health and hospital systems so they may achieve their strategic objectives and provide better value-based care for individuals.