At HIMSS 2024, we got a chance to sit down with a number of amazing individuals and companies who were doing great things.  I think we did close to 90 videos at the conference, so be sure to subscribe to Healthcare IT Today, follow us on LinkedInTwitter/XInstagram, or TikTok, and Subscribe to Healthcare IT Today on YouTube to get all the latest information.  We wanted to highlight a number of the short videos we recorded that talked about some of the great innovations that were happening at HIMSS 2024.

One of the recurring challenges facing healthcare is how to more effectively connect care teams with their patients.  In the video below we talk with Michelle Zancan, RN, BSN. Senior Clinical Analyst and Samia Warsame, Program Coordinator at Zane Networks about ways they’re working to support care coordination.  Plus, they share a number of successful projects they’ve been working on in this area including providing care coordination beyond clinical providers and their patients to human service providers.

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