Jay Eisenstock, MBA, program manager, Zane Networks will join Tyler Ford, VP of strategy and partnerships, CAQH to present a case study entitled: TPL Strategy Drives Savings and Improved Enrollee Experience for A Medicaid Program. The session will be held on Wednesday, 8/23 at 4:30 in room Mile High 4E. Lamart White, MBA, PMP, project manager, Zane Networks will also be onsite at the event to connect and share guidance with the company’s partners across Medicaid’s public- and private-sector communities.

Eisenstock described the upcoming session: “Health coverage information (including third-party liability) is critical to supporting the value and efficiency of state and local Medicaid programs. Yet working with coverage data is challenging and too often results in uncaptured opportunities. In this session, Tyler and I will share how an innovative partnership with the District of Columbia’s Department of Healthcare Finance (DHCF) led to service improvements and robust program savings for DC residents.”

In this session, participants will learn:

  • The goals and objectives the District of Columbia set out for its Medicaid program
  • The partnered approach Zane Networks has used to help DHCF drive greater financial sustainability, including use of a collaborative health coverage data set developed by CAQH
  • Lessons learned from the partnership, including takeaways for other Medicaid leaders

From Medicaid optimization projects and coordination of benefits planning to Health Information Exchange initiatives and Medicaid Enterprise Systems consulting, Zane Networks has extensive experience in partnering with both public and private sector healthcare organizations. Their goal for these efforts is to improve the efficiency of Medicaid processes and achieve better outcomes for patients by exploring emerging, innovative approaches that meet changing compliance requirements while reducing costs for agencies and managed care organizations.

More about MESC

Held August 21-24 in Denver, the Medicaid Enterprise Systems Community (MESC) is a national conference and community for state, federal and private sector individuals to exchange ideas related to Medicaid systems and health policy affected by those systems.

The conference has been in existence since the 1990s and has grown to an attendance of more than 1,600 attendees. States volunteer to host the event and work with a committee of federal, state, and private-sector individuals to plan and execute the conference. This committee identifies the main subject tracks and priority themes for the agenda covering a wide range of topics critically important to Medicaid programs. These have included Medicaid Enterprise System procurement, funding, and operations; modularity initiatives, as well as health information technology (HIT), health information exchange (HIE), and data analytics.

Exhibitors at the conference include large and small companies involved in Medicaid systems. With well over 100 exhibitors, the MES Conference provides a great way to learn about the latest offerings in Medicaid enterprise systems. In addition to exhibit space, various sponsorship opportunities are offered to exhibitors to provide them with access to potential customers.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) participate and offer sessions on their current initiatives related to the Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA); as well as other innovation initiatives. The MES Community also has year-round working groups dedicated to tackling problems faced by the MES sector.

Learn more about MESC 2023.