After 8 months of development, Zane Networks is pleased to announce the launch of Integrated Care DC’s new website at! This project was a collaboration between Zane Networks, Health Management Associates (HMA), and the Health Care Reform and Innovation Administration of the District of Columbia Department of Health Care Finance that utilized an agile development process involving client and end-user feedback throughout the entire process.

The fully responsive website was designed with integrated care in mind, with various features that enable users to effectively access health information and services from any device or platform. The portal serves as a no-cost training and technical assistance hub for District of Columbia Medicaid providers seeking to improve their practice and maximize their impact. The fully responsive website was designed to better help providers navigate the programs’ resources, with various features that enable users to effectively access health information and services from any device or platform. The team also optimized the design for accessibility – ensuring all users had a seamless experience while navigating through the site.

Zane Networks CEO Alexandra Jellerette expressed her satisfaction with the project: “It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Health Management Associates through this project. The level of communication, feedback, and collaboration has been truly outstanding throughout the development process. We can’t wait to see how users respond to the new website!”

As Integrated Care DC continues its mission to provide tailored healthcare services in Washington, D.C., Zane Networks is proud to be part of its journey and looks forward to future projects. Visit for more information on this amazing partnership!

On the website, users will find a vast learning library that encompasses over 200 hours of webinars, and video learning as well as access to dozens of tools and resources to assist DC-based healthcare providers in providing integrated care. Additionally, visitors can read engaging content pieces about Integrated Care DC’s mission and initiatives, learning opportunities, resources, and more!

We invite you to check out Integrated Care DC’s new site today! With its wealth of resources and easy-to-navigate design, it is sure to become an invaluable resource for all Washington D.C. healthcare providers seeking integrated care solutions. Visit now!

About Zane Networks

Zane Networks is an award-winning provider of healthcare transformation services and solutions. Our team focuses on providing strategic, high-quality services in many areas including strategic management consulting, health quality improvement, and data analysis, technical assistance, virtual/digital health solutions, as well as software and application development. We leverage our deep clinical, technical, and management expertise to help transform health and hospital systems so they may achieve their strategic objectives and provide better value-based care for individuals.

About Health Management Associates – HMA

Founded in 1985, HMA is an independent, national research and consulting firm specializing in publicly funded healthcare and human services policy, programs, financing, and evaluation. Clients include government, public and private providers, health systems, health plans, community-based organizations, institutional investors, foundations, and associations. With offices in more than 20 locations across the country and over 500 multidisciplinary consultants coast to coast, HMA’s expertise, services, and team are always within client reach.