Luigi Leblanc, ZaneNet’s Vice President, presented on Urgent Wellness Clinics during the DC Ward 8 Health Council’s July 15th meetingUrgent Wellness, LLC. is designed to diminish health disparities among vulnerable populations by creating “smart mini-clinics” through partnerships with housing communities. By offering home visits and providing acute care, preventative care, chronic disease management, mental health and social detriment referrals, Urgent Wellness not only focuses on an individual’s ailments but wellness as well.

Below are the services offered:

  • Social determinant assessments by Community Health Workers 
  • Interdisciplinary developed Wellness Plans to provide linkage to support services 
  • Telemedicine services for acute episodes of chronic conditions, chronic disease care management and mental health assessment  
  • Virtual group visits for health literacy and social support 
  • Partnership with local pharmacies/laboratories to increase access to critical medications and tests 

ZaneNet is a technology partner of Urgent Wellness and ensures that the clinics are fully equipped with the appropriate technologies and equipment to best support beneficiaries. The service model leverages Community Health Workers for in-person client outreach to provide chronic disease management and mobile health education and counseling. The newest location plans to be open by August 2020 in Savannah Terrace in Ward 8. It will be open to the entire community and includes COVID positive outreach to support self-isolation and early care when needed.