Michelle Zancan is a registered nurse with over 23 years of experience in adult health.  She has worked in many healthcare settings including Johns Hopkins Hospital, NIH, and multiple local care settings.  Early in her career, she specialized in oncology from bench research and clinical trial management to in-patient, outpatient, bone marrow transplant, and oncology critical care.

In the last 10 years, Mrs. Zancan has branched out of the traditional healthcare setting to work with the Primary Care Medical Home project by CareFirst, a health care consulting to individual providers to align their clinical workflows with federal and third party payor initiatives, quality improvement consulting covering clinical workflow and electronic documentation for optimum patient care and metric reporting; and practice transformation consulting under the GPTN grant from CMS.

Currently, she is consulting under the HIE Connectivity Grant from DHCF as a technical assistant to the behavioral health providers of the District.