Staffing Solutions

Staffing Services
Zane Networks offers cost-effective permanent and temporary staffing solutions that place qualified technical and medical personnel with Federal, commercial and non-profit clients in locations throughout the United States. We have supplied Allied Healthcare, Nurse Staffing and Nurse Practitioner staffing to Acute-care hospitals, Military Health facilities, Non-Profit health centers and other healthcare organizations. Our array of services also comprises recruitment and human resource management.

We present exciting opportunities to healthcare and technical professionals. Our health technology personnel include health data analysts, privacy and security professionals, Telehealth support personnel, video-teleconferencing technicians and engineers and health IT project managers. All our personnel are required to pass the appropriate background checks, and their credentials and clearances are checked as part of our hiring process.

Our customized evaluation of each customer’s staffing requirements allows us to pinpoint staffing needs to optimize our talent selection. Our employers can be confident that we supply the best candidates for their facilities. We are committed to processes that enable us to satisfy employer needs and create excellence in healthcare and technical staffing.

Sample Projects & Clients
Staffing for Fort Meade’s Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Clinic
Seaton Medical Group staff support
Technical Support staff for Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, U.S. Department of Defense
Short- and long-term staffing support for Chesapeake Regional Information System for our Patients (CRISP)
Contract Specialist staffing support for the Department of General Services, DC Government
Technical and Call Center Staff for DC Clinical Case Management System, FEi, funded by DC Healthcare Finance
Capabilities: Staffing Positions
Medical Assistants
Surgical Technicians
Telehealth Support Technicians
Project Managers
VTC Engineers
VTC Technicians
Contract Specialist
Outreach Liaisons
Help Desk Personnel
Data Analysts
Systems Analyst
Software Development Engineers