During the COVID-19 public health emergency, telemedicine has become an invaluable tool to help District residents receive medical care, despite social distancing restrictions. However, many practices are new to telemedicine or unaware of the quickly changing rules around it.
The District government and a coalition of healthcare associations have come together to create a presentation on the best practices for telemedicine. Join us on Wednesday, March 25 at Noon for this interactive webinar on how to set-up a telemedicine system, tips and tricks to make it useful for you and your patients, and get your questions answered by regulators and your associations.
Presenters include representatives from the Department of Health Care Finance, Medical Society of DC, DC Hospital Association, DC Primary Care Association, DC Behavioral Health Association, and DC Health Information Exchange (HIE).The webinar will be conducted via Zoom. You will be asked to register before entering the webinar, and all participants will be muted, but there will be an opportunity to asks questions of the presenters. The link to register for the session is here: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/upQucOuupjIpMAcfiRY4_YQwgn5LdOI4zQ
Please join us for this informative and important session.