Zane Networks is participating in a pilot program targeting Ward 7 and 8 residents, who disproportionately experience health disparities, social inequities and negative social determinants of health.  The project aims to ensure that patients can access specialty care via telehealth within 5 days of being referred.


Zane Networks is partnering with Accent on Health (AOH), a primary care practice operating in the District of Columbia, and Tri-State ACO Group, a physician-owned clinically integrated network.  Tri-State will assist AOH with telehealth implementation management, reporting and data analysis services. Zane Networks, as the project’s health information technology (HIT) partner, will assist participating providers to obtain the necessary hardware and software to conduct telehealth consultations, train providers to use the equipment and software, and provide support throughout the project cycle.


Focusing on chronic conditions prevalent in the target area, the project will schedule telehealth consultations with Tri-State network specialists for residents with hypertension (HTN), Type 2 diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), congestive heart failure (CHF) and behavioral disorders.


As this model for integrating virtual visits could be employed with any chronic condition, the pilot will demonstrate how access to specialty services for traditionally underserved populations can be improved.