In support of families in the local DC metropolitan area, ZaneNet staff have volunteered their time, know-how, and also donated goods to help others, especially during this difficult year. With the help of Danielle Carroll, our IT intern, majoring in Computer Science at UDC, we helped the Charles County Literacy Council to create and launch their new website ( to help adults who need basic literacy skills:

 “On behalf of the Charles County Literacy Council, we’d like to tell you how much we appreciate all your work on redesigning and launching our new website. There is no way to express our gratitude for the time, expertise and quality contributed by Zane Networks.  We were able to move off of our outdated and awkward old site onto a fresh, appealing one seamlessly.” – Sally Matts, President, Charles County Literacy Council

Also, we donated books, crayons, and other supplies for children at the Woodland Family Success Center in Southeast DC. The center supports families and children who live in the Woodland Terrace neighborhood.

As part of our ZaneNet values and social mission, we strive to strengthen our community by the work we do and through supporting local non-profits and community organizations such as the Literacy Council and the Family Success Center as they help others in the important work that they do.