ZaneNet is proud to support Wolomi – an online application that provides clinical support to improve maternal health outcomes for women of color. Layo George, a registered nurse and entrepreneur, created Wolomi after witnessing significant disparities among Black mothers compared to non-Black mothers with healthcare experiences. The app strives to create a space in which women are at ease and without discrimination from the health system.

Wolomi is comprised of:

  • A community in which like-minded women of color can discuss their pregnancy journey together
  • Health experts who help mothers navigate the healthcare system to make the best choices for their pregnancies
  • Innovation of products and tools that solve current health-related problems faced by women of color
  • Consulting to provide solutions for organizations that improves health outcomes and creates value

Wolomi provides a wide array of videos regarding pregnancy and womanhood. Some of the videos are free to access, while others require payment. Wolomi facilitates access to nurse-led group coaching and training and equips women of color to make better decisions to give them more control over their pregnancy. Wolomi was featured in Forbes magazine in their June issue and for more information about Wolomi visit: