Section 4: Technical Performance

IVA1 (Customer Complaint Tracking & Escalation)
IVA2 (3 Business Hour Response Commitment/Evidence)
IVA3 (1 Business Day Response Commitment/Evidence)
IVA4 (Escalation Policies)
IVA5 (Periodic Monitoring of Customer Feedback)< IVA6 (Trouble Ticket/Backlog Aging Reports) IVA7 (Manage Backlog/Aging Tickets) IVB1 (Systems Availability) IVB2 (Extended Hours) IVB3 (Scheduled Downtime) IVB4 (2 Hr Unscheduled Downtime Notice) IVC1 (Capacity Planning/Monitoring) IVC2 (Capacity Expansion Planning) IVD1 (Alternate Location/Backup) IVD2 (Storage & Retrieval_Single Practice Back-up) IVD3 (7 Year Backup) IVD4 (Partition Data) IVD5 (8 Hour Restoration) IVD6 (Conduct of Daily Backups) IVD7 (Data Loss Tracking) IVE1 (Firewall) IVE2 (Immutable Database Safeguards) IVE3 (Capacity and Bandwidth) IVE4 (Annual Vulnerability Assessment) IVE5 (Web Server Security) IVE6 (Timely Intrusion Response) IVE7 (Patch Management)

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