Section 3: Privacy

IIIA1 (PHI Privacy Regulatory Compliance)
IIIA2 (Right to Restrict)
IIIA3 (PHI Authorization Policy)
IIIA4 (Inform about PHI Sharing)
IIIA5 (Permitted PHI Disclosures w/o Authorization)
IIIA6 (Right to Inspect PHI)
IIIA7 (Right to Accounting of PHI Disclosures)
IIIA8 (Right to Amend PHI)
IIIA9 (PHI Disclosures Required By Law)
IIIA10 (PHI Disclosures Permitted By Law)
IIIA11 (Prohibited PHI Uses)
IIIA12 (PHI Minimum Required Standard)
IIIA13 (Alternate Site/Means for PHI Receipt)
IIIA14 (Regulatory Adherence & Breach Mitigation)

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