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Omnibus Care Plan (OCP) Care Coordination Application


OCP Zane Networks

ZaneNet has customized the Omnibus Care Plan (OCP) application, a secure, cloud hosted application infrastructure that has embraced the FHIR standard environment. Using this standard, SAMHSA created the OCP which is a SoF infrastructure to support care coordination, care management, screening, and consent management. The OCP was envisioned from the beginning to support a care team, patient centered approach. The OCP facilitates a multi-practitioner, multi-organization approach to patient centered care. In other words, the OCP facilitates practitioners from multiple organizations to participate in the care associated with a patient. This eliminates the need for data to be shipped from place to place in providing the care the patient requires. The Care Team has immediate access to patient information in one place without having to manage many separate electronic sources of patient data. 

OCP Zane Networks

ZaneNet has worked with members of the Prince George’s County’s Department of Health to ensure that the OCP application can be leveraged to share important health information for PreventionLink program. The PreventionLink program integrates clinical practice with evidence-based public health programs to improve health outcomes for patients at all levels of risk for chronic disease, from persons at risk for diabetes and heart disease to high-system utilizers with frequent hospitalizations. The County intends to utilize the application this spring as part of their ongoing program to better coordinate and access patient care and meet the objectives of the program.


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